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some things ...

Hi Rene,

Can you send to me the config_office patches you have developed to
support --with-system-myspell and -with-system-altlinuxhyph and
I will commit them to the ooo680 tree when I commit the new shared lib myspell

Also, have you moved to a shared altlinuxhyph as well? As far as I know, Peter has pretty much abandoned it? Is it based on my standalone altlinuxhyph-1.0 version or some other version? If some other version, who is supporting it?

Would anyone at Debian want to take over ownership of the altlinuxHyph source code and/or join lingucomponent to support hyphenation? Right now, the TeX 'patgen' does not seem to work properly (afaict - either that or the man page is wrong and I am invoking it improperly) and so there is a need to update 'patgen' and get it working again to
get a complete hyphenation system working.

The same is true for MyThes-1.0 if anyone there wants to take over ownership of that project and help Danial Naber integrate his lemmatizer, just let me know.

Both altlinuxHyph and MyThes could use a new official developer/owner/maintainer
if anyone at Debian is interested.

And while I am thinking of about it, I wrote to the enchant author and offered him a place in lingucomponent if he wants to develop/support an OOo enchant component. He seems to be looking for help to do that as well, just in case anyone there is interested.



On Jan 7, 2004, at 11:57 AM, Rene Engelhard wrote:

Update of /home/halls/cvs/debian-openoffice/oo-deb/debian
In directory gluck:/tmp/cvs-serv32268/debian

Modified Files:
	changelog rules
Log Message:
--with-system-myspell --with-system-altlinuxhyph

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