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How to set up multilingual OO including arabic?

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Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 15:01:06 +0100
From: CPH <CPHennessy@openoffice.org>
To: users@openoffice.org
Subject: Re: [users] How to set up multilingual OO including arabic?

On Wednesday 22 October 2003 02:17, Johannes Graumann wrote:
> Hi there,
> Am running Debian Sid and have installed their 1.1.0-1, including
> several language support packages for my polyglot wife. Now I am at a
> loss of how to make ooffice work such that she can choose between
> Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, French, German or English at startup. I have
> searched the google archives for this but haven't come across anything
> ...
> Please help me out or she will have to go back to Evil Empire ware ...
> brrrrrr!
> Thanks, Joh

Joh, I think that your problem is debian specific, so I hope that 
debian-openoffice@lists.debian.org can help you.


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