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Bug#211143: openoffice.org: Tiny menu font....

Rene Engelhard writes:
 > Hi,
 > [ please write your message in the mail _body_.... ]

I am sorry, I havn't paid attention.

 > No. The Bug page didn't talk about Xft... (did it except the
 > speculation at the end which _seems_ wrong?). I also wrote in the
 > README.Debian that you should set it in OOo's settings to 110-130%
 > which only affects OOo...

Do you mean the setting in Tools -> Options -> View -> Scale, I
thought it affects document fonts (and thgus haven't tried it), but in
fact it affects all fonts. Setting this scale has about the same
effect as setting the Xft.dpi resource, except that the first method
affects only OOo. This is a good point but the problem remains that it
still affect the fonts used to display documents. Therefore I end up
having huge font in document. Well I can correct this problem by using
the zoom box, with a zoom factor of .75. But _this is not the way it
should be_. I administer a quite a few of debian boxes and I don't
like those users complain to me that menu in OOo is so tiny. But if
they come to me I can still help them, they may simply stick to MS
Word under Windows. (It is already hard to convince them to use Linux)

 > BTW, /me who discovered the bug fisrt (before it was even reported)
 > cannot reproduce it anymore. Maybe some package changed or some config
 > thing which changes the behaviour. We were investigating already but
 > didn't go many further.... :(

I suspect the problem has to do with ximian-gnome. The people who has
the problem seem to be those using KDE. Under KDE you have the control
center in which you can set the fonts (for KDE apps). There may be
similar thiong in gnome. But OOo should not depend on the settings
in gnome or whatever.


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