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Re: crashrep and backtrace on sparc linux

On Sat, 9 Aug 2003 10:25, Jim Watson wrote:
> OOo issue  is #18052

i have got this far, with backtrace working but still would really appreciate 
some help to get proper names in the stacktrace if this is possible?

 i will put my backtrace.c at issue 18052

jim@sun:~/OpenOffice.org1.1$ ./soffice
Fatal exception: Signal 10

> files do not persist in /tmp.

> i am seeking help from someone who could do the c code which i think is
> required in sal/osl/unx/backtrace.c as this is beyond my ability :(
> also i would appreciate advice how to stop the error reporter sending
> emails to sun, i got a very polite reply from
> quality_feedback_NOSPAM@sun.com but i assume they do not wish to receive
> for sparc linux, ...yet?

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