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Re: Bug#203289: openoffice.org is uninstallable due to file conflicts

Le mar 29/07/2003 à 11:22, Chris Halls a écrit :
> retitle 203289 openoffice.org: conflicts with openoffice-de-en
> severity 203289 important
> tags 203289 + pending
> thanks
> The package that caused the conflict is not under our control and I
> therefore do not accept it as a critical bug.  I guess you installed this
> from a Knoppix CD or something?  We have seen similar reports on the user
> lists and have already added a conflicts line to the new version of the
> packages.
I still don't understand why Knoppix is not using the "official"
Last time I saw a Knoppix running, OOo was only available in German on
it, with no mean to put another version cleanly because it was not using
the packaging system.

> > I cannot remove that package or install
> > openoffice-de-en.  Even "apt-get -f install" won't force the packaging
> > system into a usable state.
> dpkg --remove openoffice-de-en

> Chris
Jérôme Warnier <jwarnier@beeznest.net>

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