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Re: sparc linux build

Rene Engelhard wrote:
> [I am CC'ing debian-openoffice since that is our
> coordination/development ist for Debaian]

Grr. I shouldn't write mails when not really awake... Nnow really
CC:'ing. Doing a more or less fullquote to let d-o be able
to know what we are talking about...

> > i have done this build already and got my .soffice running.
> > 
> > i know all the answers :)
> cool :)
> > just cc me into any issues and i will help. i am not capable to commit the 
> > patches - maybe you can do those? i can confirm everything, there are now two 
> unfortunately not ,too. Chris can maybe...
> So we still need them for 1.1rc and fot 1.1rc3 / final later too?
> Are they somewhere available? Chances someone commits them?

(issue 17324)
------- Additional Comments From sparcmoz@openoffice.org  2003-07-25
20:21 PDT
Please see issue #15629 for the solution to this.

I will attach my build guide for sparc linux at issue #17420 in a few
minutes time. To see all the relevant issues search on "subject" - all
words - sparc linux , be sure to select all type of status -
unconfirmed, resolved etc.

OK, will look

> > building this thing. i have been scolded for emailing off list/issuezilla so 
> > just cc me into issues or i will watch the dev-porting list too.
> > 
> > cc to sparcmoz@openoffice.org
> > 
> > i am sooo pleased to have a comrade building this :)
> Well, I just tried to get debs for sparc ready (I don't own a sparc
> though ;) )


"Do it right, or don't do it at all. Code this bad should not be
allowed to exist, please remove it from your harddisk
immediately. I will go and wash my eyes from just having looked
at it" -- Linus Torvalds

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