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Report from OpenOffice team at debcamp/conf

Rene & I were at debcamp/debconf this week and this is what we got up to.

Rene & Chris:  We spent much of the week working on OOo, and checked in
large amounts of changes, including:
 * new openoffice.org packages to replace 1.1 and 1.0.3
 * prelinking script
 * new myspell dictionary layout
 * split out Gnome files into openoffice.org-gnome
 * new crashreporter in openoffice.org-crashrep
 * Rene discovered that compiling with -O2 on i386 would give the same
   unresolved symbol errors that Jan is seeing on powerpc (cf bug#191989),
   so we stayed with -O1 on i386 and moved powerpc to -O1 too.  We will try
   -O2 again when libc is fixed and in unstable.

Tommi Virtanen: tv spent an afternoon on the packaging for Python support
for OOo (pyuno); it is not quite ready yet so we'll get back to it after we
upload the next version.

Jerome Warnier: Jerome was at debcamp for a couple of days but we didn't
meet until his last afternoon.  We had a look at the Gnome desktop icons and
on his advice those icons are now moved to /usr/share/applications.

1.1rc packages.  We plan to upload them to unstable once the last few tasks
have been done as openoffice.org, to replace the existing openoffice.org and
openoffice.org1.1 packages.  The remaining tasks are:

 - Lintian is complaining of rpaths in shared libararies; the rpaths need to
   be removed.
 - 1.1rc has support for upgrades of the user settings directory from older
   versions, and we need to adjust the openoffice script to use it.
 - We are moving the location of dictionaries to /usr/share/myspell, and the
   upgrade/downgrade procedure needs more testing
 - Testing, testing, testing.  We haven't tested upgrading/downgrading all
   possible combinations of the packages yet.  If anyone would like to try
   them out, you can grab them for i386 from:

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