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Re: [porting-dev] star suite dies after setup sparc linux gcc-3.3

1.1beta2 built on sparc linux gcc-3.3 now does run setp, register components 
and runs with drawing, spreadsheet and presentation. I got to here by linking 
sw without -lsal but libsw644ls.so still has problems, now searching for 
something else. 

the real point here is that sw, sd and sc were all linked with 
--export-dynamic, so i am assuming that the linker switches are not the 
problem, there is a problem specific to sw.

i wonder why does setup refuse to register component libsw644ls.so, 
but setup is happy to register the same component libsw644ls.so when it was 
linked without -lsal ??

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003 10:22 pm, Martin Hollmichel wrote:

> this looks like that rtl_uString_newFromAscii is searched within the sw
> library but it comes from sal in reality. iis this a result of the
> cahnged linker switches ?

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