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oooqs_1.0rc3-2_i386.changes is NEW

(new) oooqs-kde_1.0rc3-2_i386.deb optional contrib/utils
OpenOffice.org QuickStarter applet for KDE
 This KDE applet preloads the OpenOffice.org program to make it launch faster
 when needed and provides a symbol in KDE's SystemTray for easy access to
 OpenOffice.org's applications.
 Besides simply starting the applications, you can:
  - select multiple files in the usual opendialog provided by KDE to open them
    in OpenOffice.org
  - use a history of recently opened files
  - configure the app to do one of the functions described above on a simple
    double click
  - use the app to keep a hidden instance of OpenOffice.org in memory to
    achieve much shorter startup times of the OpenOffice.org modules.
  - start with different wizards directly from your desktop
  - access OpenOffice.org's printer configuration
(new) oooqs_1.0rc3-2.diff.gz optional contrib/utils
(new) oooqs_1.0rc3-2.dsc optional contrib/utils
Changes: oooqs (1.0rc3-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * introduce the magic Conflicts:/Replaces:/Provides: magic
    "against" oooqs
  * fix typo: >= -> >>
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