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Debian package for OpenOffice.org SDK

Dear Debian community,

I wanted to announce that I consider to become the maintainer of a debian package for the OpenOffice.org SDK. Just for the case, somebody else is already working on this, even though I have not found anything about this in the archives.

Being a Linux user since 1995 and a Debian user for a year or something (don't ask me, why I needes so long to try Debian ;-), I currently try to get aquainted with the NM process, the Debian development environment. I am working on StarOffice for over 12 years now, mostly in C++, and my current areas are the API and the OOoBean. I am the project lead of http://api.openoffice.org too. Even with this background, do not expect too much about my knowledge in Linux development. As you most likely now, StarOffice (and I mostly build StarOffice, not OpenOffice.org) uses a very special build environment which does not have anything in common with a usual Linux build environment - besides using gcc.

There is at least one specialty in the SDK for which I do not have a good solution yet. The SDK contains a collection of examples which can be build in a special build environment (but much simpler than the OOo build environment). If we install these examples as a special user (or root), a normal user will not be able to build these in the destination directory tree unless we grant write rights to everybody (others) or (better) a special group. But the better solution might be to copy the examples into the user's space. The second issue about this is the special build environment, set up by a "hand coded" configure skript. This script might even not be needed in a pure Debian environment, thus this might not really be an issue.

The conclusion is, the binary OOo SDK will be something in between a source package and a binary package, of course build out of a real source package. There are some other strange issues like this which have to be addressed.

This just for a first information.


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