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Bug#171623: openoffice.org: OO crashes upon startup

On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 10:19:50AM -0600, Alex Roitman wrote:
> On 2002.12.04 10:12 Chris Halls wrote:
> > I've actully managed to reproduce the problem here with the -ru langpack.  I
> > also found that OOo runs if I set LANG=ru_RU.  Your original bugreport
> > suggests that you are using LANG=C.  So does this work?
> > 
> > $ sudo apt-get remove openoffice.org-l10n-en
> > $ LANG=ru_RU openoffice
> Yes, this does start the openoffice alright. 

I've worked out that it will crash if LANG is not set to an installed
language, and none of these language packs is installed (listed in search

-en      (01)
-??      (44)
-de      (49)
external (99)

> However, all the menu items fail to be displayed, probably it's trying to
> use the font which doesn't support cyrillic charset. Oh well, I'll have to
> figure that out.

Oddly enough it worked without problems for me.  I have these packages
installed; maybe one will help you?

ii  ttf-freefont        20021016-1          Freefont Serif, Sans and Mono Truetype fonts
ii  xfonts-base-transco 4.2.1-3             standard fonts for X (transcoded from ISO 10646-1)
ii  xfonts-cyrillic     4.2.1-3             Cyrillic fonts for X
ii  xfonts-75dpi-transc 4.2.1-3             75 dpi fonts for X (transcoded from ISO 10646-1)
ii  msttcorefonts       1.1.1               Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts
ii  x-ttcidfont-conf    13                  Configure TrueType and CID fonts for X.


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