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Re: Investigating the XML locales configuration (in search of fixes for #168780, #161970)

Le mercredi 13 novembre 2002 à 03:48:45 +0100, Chris Halls écrivait:
> On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 02:28:51PM +0100, Lucien Saviot wrote:
> > ***************************
> > To sumarize, the language used by the UI is:
> >   1/ the one in the ooLocale section if it is valid
> >   2/ LANG if the ooLocale section exists but is empty or invalid
> >   3/ english if everything else fails.
> > ***************************
> This behaviour seems a little odd.  I wonder if it is really intended to be
> like that in OOo?

Odd? Why?

> > I had a look at Mandrake wrapper. It's certainly nice, but it doesn't
> > work as I expect. I prefer to let the wrapper control the UI language,
> > but nothing else as everything seems to be configurable through the GUI.
> What do you not see working as you expect?  Do you think it is buggy or is
> trying to do the wrong thing?

(I don't know if it's buggy. I didn't try to run it.)
The behaviour I expect is the following:
 - the default configuration should set everything in agreement with
   LANG (from the UI language to the paper size, dictionary, UI font, ...)
 - if configuration files exist, keep them and start

For users working with only one language, it doesn't matter much. But
the reason for bug 168780 is that some people want to have different
language for the UI, the default document, currency, ...
And it's a pain to change everything through the GUI on every startup.

The Mandrake wrapper updates the default language for documents each
time, for example.

On the other hand, they seem to have good defaults (UI font for
example). So maybe the Mandrake wrapper can be adapted to create the
configuration files on the first startup.


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