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Building the packages for Woody (was Re: OpenOffice.org new unstable packages available for testing)

On Mon, Nov 11, 2002 at 01:56:26PM +0100, Jerome Warnier wrote:
> Any plans to backport to Woody?

Of course, but the word 'unstable' is carefully chosen.. I will only think
about doing a backport once the dust settles, and that will probably be
after I am reasonably happy that no new problems have arisen and have made
an upload to unstable.

> This version brings a lot of bug corrections that affect also Woody.
> I now have machines with enough disk space and power to compile it 
> myself, but this version is not "buildable" as such.
> I'm trying to do it myself, but I run into some (small) problems:
> - why is a newer debhelper version needed? (is it really needed?)
> - do we really have to backport g++-3.2 to Woody, or is there another 
> solution?

Actually, it is more "buildable" than the previous version, because the
stlport problems have gone.  It is best to build with gcc 3.0 so that you do
not need to backport 3.2.  Here is a quick guide:

- Install the debhelper from here:
  It is needed because the version of dh_install in Woody has a bug.  This
  package backports the 2 line change that is needed to fix the problem.

- Put this patch into debian/patches:


- Edit debian/control and change 'g++-3.2' to 'g++-3.0'

- Edit debian/scripts/vars.i386 and change 'GCC3VER=3.2' to 'GCC3VER=3.0'

- Build :)

There may be new problems - I haven't tested them yet - but that should
solve most build problems.


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