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Re: [users] 1000 users: Windows install

Chris Halls wrote:
On Fri, Nov 08, 2002 at 09:50:36AM +0100, Manuel Segura wrote:

- With this solution, it works very well for me !

- Unfortunately, I don't know how to do it under a linux client !

- I would as to the developpers if there is a better solution, even if
it is on the next version of openoffice, to avoid all this work.
IT should be better to do this work on the server part, just one
time and avoid all this mess.
- If possible, also for linux clients.

 Debian packages, along with all the distro packages, do this step
automatically already by using a wrapper script that checks for the user
installation and performs it if necessary.

There is also an 'install' script provided with the OOo .tar.gz that can be
used to do a similar job, although you would have to script the wrapper

- What I need is to NOT ask a simple user to go through the menus of
the user specific installation part of openoffice.
Do you mean that using debian an openoffice as not to answer any question the first time he starts openoffice ?

- I have not seen any 'install' script in tar.gz. There is a setup
script but it can avoid the questions only during the first phase
of the installation, not the second stage user specific. Each user
as to answer nothing less than 8 screens !! It is ridiculous to
think that a "normal" user is able to answer those questions. He
will prefer to abandon openoffice and continue with microsoft office ...

- What is the better debian package for open office please ?

Thanks for your answers every body

Manuel Segura

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