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Re: Status update

On Mon, Oct 07, 2002 at 12:27:33PM +0200, Jan-Hendrik Palic wrote:
> I mailed Gerhard to provide the patches to upstream, he did, but they
> will be applied in one of the future versions ;(

We can always backport from CVS.  It is easier to maintain a backport which
has had testing than to try to integrate the patches ourselves without even
having a machine to test on.

> And, since we have have a debian-unstable OpenOffice.org package (not
> uploaded yet, waiting for -6), I think, that is the right place to.
> Unstable packages are for testing like that no?

No, not at the moment.  We have enough open bugs with these packages that
need attention without introducing new ones, and our first priority for new
work is to split the source into projects.  I wouldn't want to consider
adding the architecture until we have the current packages in the archive,
and we have someone who is willing to build and test these packages on the
s390 architecture and work with the team.


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