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Status update

Hi folks,

Preparing next version for upload to unstable
Now that James has given us the go-ahead to keep the large packages for now,
we'll prepare a new package for testing and upload that addresses the
immediate issues.  -6 will include:

 - The current pending fixes in CVS
 - Source package split of Debian specifics (see below)
 - Remove external libstlport dependency.  This will go
   back in after the gcc transition.
 - Fix LC_ALL to work like LANG
 - Attempt a fix at the autopilots problem

Quick source package split
We can create a new source package containing just the files we add to the
packages.  These are:

   * wrapper script
   * README.Debian and TODO
   * man pages
   * Debian menu files and mime types

Splitting these out will help us release updates to problems without needing
to upload complete packages, either by documenting known problems and
workarounds in README.Debian or by making adjustments to the wrapper.  Rene
has volunteered to work on the split.

Future package split
In the medium term we need to start working on a proper split of the source.
The source splits most naturally by toplevel directory / by project - this
is how upstream works.  

Each toplevel directory is built separately and then 'delivered' by a script
to a staging area (the solver).  Each project lists the projects that must
be built beforehand in util/build.lst, and the final project to be built is

Instsetoo zips up all the needed files from the solver into one big bundle
which is designed to be distributed.  The setup application unzips all the
files into their final locations and performs registration and

We need to cut the installation set system completely out of the build.
This is the place where all files are needed at once and force us to build
everything in one go.  By changing the deliver script to put files in a tree
ready for their final locations, we can generate .debs for each project one
by one.  Most of the information is already inside the source - including
the order of build dependencies which would be needed.  The only larger
programming task is the registration and configuration job, which has had
some initial development upstream.


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