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Re: offending file found


To build the udk/sdk/odk do the following:

checkout the following modules:


You should already have built product/ which is part of OOo 1.0.1

Run build and deliver in each in in that order.

Hope this helps.


On July 26, 2002 06:11, Chris Halls wrote:
> Thank you Jack for solving this problem for us!  I'm sorry that I didn't
> notice that file when I did the split.  I did look at all the files, but
> I guess since it was binary I didn't realise there were library names in
> there.
> BTW, there was no Intel-only conspiracy like you hinted at :)  It was
> purely an archive maintainence issue which was caused because Jan only
> generated Packages files for PPC, not Intel, so apt-get refused to
> install the packages at all on Intel.  Someone had to generate Packages
> indexes for everyone in one place, and I did it using the ones I had on
> my disk.
> On Thu, Jul 25, 2002 at 09:25:23PM -0400, Kevin B. Hendricks wrote:
> > Yes, this is the main component registry.  Every shared lib component
> > has been registered in that file with the service name(s) they
> > provide.
> Thanks, I hadn't realised that.
> > If you want to see what is in applicat.rdb you can use the regview
> > utility from the solver (it is not delivered as part of OOo but IMHO
> > it always should be since it allows you to register and unregister
> > your components. Perhaps it will come as part of the OpenOffice SDK
> > (the odk).
> Well, I can happily include it in our .debs, since the solver is
> available at package creation time.
> BTW, what is involved in building the SDK?  I've seen discussions but
> must've missed the build instructions.  Is there a build guide for the
> odk somewhere?
> Chris

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