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Re: Dictionaries

Hi Tom,

Tom Badran wrote:
> Ok, im trying to make a debian package for the en_gb dictionary. Could someone 
> please send me a tarball of the source for one of the openoffice.org-l10n-* 
> packages so i can do this. I cant seem to find the source package on the web

The -l10n-* packages are created from the same source package as
openoffice.org and openoffice.org-bin, namely openoffice.org

deb-src ftp://ftp.vpn-junkies.de/openoffice unstable main contrib

should let you (after an apt-get update) get the source package with
apt-get source openoffice.org

But I do not know why you want the -l10n-* sources.

I had packaged the de_DE, de_AT and de_CH dictionaries.
You can get the source package (which ysou can get as start for your
own one) with

apt-get source openoffice.org-spellcheck-de


Rene Engelhard
OpenOffice.org team member | Mitglied des OpenOffice.org-Teams
Projects: lang/de, sw      | Projekte: lang/de, sw 

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