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Update to pre-1 quirks


I've just tested the new openoffice version (pre-1.1), there are two 
problematic aspects. The user I tested with had already used the previous oo 
packages. When I got them started (see below), the "setup" executable started 
up again as if openoffice.org had not been previously installed. Also, 
.openoffice was not the default directory. I aborted the installation at that 
moment. Is this setup program supposed to be used in this context? I thought 
the wrapper scripts would take care of that, I'm not sure though.

The other issue was preventing oo (or rather, the installer) from starting, 
since the linker was missing the library /usr/lib/libstlport_gcc_3.0.so.

The only thing I could manage to find was the library 
/usr/lib/libstlport_gcc_3.0.so.4.5 - that is, after manually guessing that I 
had to install the libstlport4.5gcc3.0 package. There should probably be a 
dependency somewhere. Also, I had to symlink 
/usr/lib/libstlport_gcc_3.0.so.4.5 to /usr/lib/libstlport_gcc_3.0.so in order 
to make it work.

I'll let you know if I find anything else...

-Malte #8-)

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