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Future development

What are the plans for future development for OpenOffice packages for

Have you considered running a semi-public development CVS Repository
for the OpenOffice source already?  You could request /cvs/openoffice
on cvs.debian.org and move the current source into it.

This way, more people can use the current code with all current
patches in order to improve the system and be able to build packages
earlier.  The repository could be accessed though cvs/pserver so more
people can get involved.

For packaging, I'd suggest using DBS and not the native Debian
packaging system.  This way you'd benefit from collecting small
patches instead of building one huge patch against the native package
out of it.  One problem though, documentation is not easy to
find...  For an example, see Apache or XFree86 packages.

I'm little concerned about the progress of this package...



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