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[Pkg-octave-devel] Fwd: qtoctave 0.9.1

I emailed upstream about what he thinks we should do with the extra
packages, and this is what he replied. My translation into English
and some commentary is below it:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Pedro L. Lucas <selairi@gmail.com>
Date: 2010/5/9
Subject: Re: qtoctave 0.9.1
To: Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso <jordigh@gmail.com>

Hola, me alegra tener noticias de vosotros.

Respecto a los proyectos “tangenciales”. Hay varios que deberían ir en
el mismo paquete que QtOctave o tener dependencias con él. El resto
están obsoletos y los mantengo por si hay gente que los esté usando.

Los proyectos que deberían estar junto a QtOctave son:
Qtinfo lo he escrito para eliminar las dependencias de los archivos
html, que ya me comentaste que no os complicaban la vida. Qtinfo si
puede estar con QtOctave y no independiente, mejor, ya que todavía
tiene una línea de comandos muy compleja y fuera de QtOctave no tiene

Hay otro proyecto qtjs que en un futuro será muy relevante, ya que va
a permitir crear guis para octave usando designer
(http://doc.trolltech.com/3.3/designer-manual-2.html echadle un ojo a
los pantallazos para que os hagáis una idea).

Respecto a las traducciones, este apartado no lo mantengo yo, si no
Alejandro. Le pongo un correo para que le eche un ojo.

Otra cosa en una semana o algo así libero la versión 0.9.2 que tiene
corregidos un gran número de bugs.

Un saludo

------------------ ENGLISH FOLLOWS --------------------------------

Hi, I'm glad to hear from you.

With respect to the "tangential" projects... There are several that
should go in the same package as QtOctave or depend upon it. The rest
are obsolete and I keep them around in case someone is using them.

These are the projects that should be with QtOctave:

     - simplercs
     - qtoctave_pkg
     - qtinfo

I wrote Qtinfo to get rid of the dependencies on HTML files, since you
guys told me that they made life complicated. Qtinfo should be with
QtOctave and not independent, since it has a very complex command line
that doesn't make sense outside of QtOctave.

Another project is qtjs that in the future will be vey relevant,
because it allows you to create GUIs for Octave using [Qt] Designer.
(http://doc.trolltech.com/3.3/designer-manual-2.html have a look at
the screenshots to get an idea).

As far as translations [and l10n], I don't maintain this part of
QtOctave, rather, Alejandro does. I'll email him so he can look into

Another thing is that in a week or so I'll release version 0.9.2 that
fixes a large numbers of bugs.


---------------------END ENGLISH TRANSLATION ------------------------

Given that, I think it makes sense to honour upstream's wishes and put
those three programs in the QtOctave package and throw the rest into
qtoctave-utils, which is close to the packaging structure I recently
pushed into git. Also, I think we should wait for the 0.9.2 release
and focus on getting that one into squeeze.


- Jordi G. H.

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