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[Pkg-octave-devel] Updating octave3.0 to Policy 3.8.0

As you probably noticed, I committed some changes to the octave3.0 package.
It passes now Lintian 1.24.1, which is compatible with Policy 3.8.0, with
the following exception:

I: octave3.0: arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share 5492kB 19%
N:   The package has a significant amount of architecture-independent data
N:   in /usr/share, while it is an architecture-dependent package. This is
N:   wasteful of mirror space and bandwidth, as we then end up with
N:   multiple copies of this data, one for each architecture.
N:   If the data in /usr/share is not architecture-independent, it is a
N:   policy violation, and in this case, you should move that data
N:   elsewhere.
N:   See also:
N:   http://www.debian.org/doc/developers-reference/ch-best-pkging-practice
N:   s#s-bpp-archindepdata

Although this is just Lintian "information" level, it is written above that
this is a "policy violation".  Should we move the /usr/share/octave/
directory into an arch-indep package?  We could call it octave3.0-mscripts
(or whatever) and make octave3.0 depend on it.  The downside of this is that
the new upload will have to go through NEW and this may prevent the new
package to enter testing before the freeze.  We may postpone this to lenny+1.


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