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Re: [Pkg-octave-devel] typos in the description of optiminterp

Thomas Weber wrote:
Am Donnerstag, den 19.06.2008, 16:50 +0200 schrieb Alexander Barth:
I've taken the 0.3 description and checked it into SVN. It will be
updated with the next upload. Is there a tarball available for the 0.3
I think it will take some time before the octave forge page will be updated for a new tarball.
I put the new version on my wiki:
It is fine for me if you prefer to wait when the package is available from octave.sourceforge.net.

No, from where we get the source tarball doesn't really matter. All I
need is that you bump the version number if you release a newer version:
I can't upload a new 0.3.1 source tarball once I've uploaded one.

ok, thanks!


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