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Bug#467563: camlp5 strict mode?

ssreflect and aactactics are OK

ulex does NOT depend anymore on camlp5 since v1.0:
* Update to the new Camlp4 and to ocamlbuild (release for OCaml 3.10
       only), by Nicolas Pouillard.

geneweb has the same uptream author than camlp5 and works in strict.

Le 29 févr. 12 à 10:19, Hendrik Tews a écrit :

Pierre Boutillier writes:

  Why do we keep a camlp5 in transitionnal mode ?

I assumed somebody needs transitional mode. Supporting only
strict mode is of course much simpler.

  For packages, Coq and ledit support strict mode. The only remaining
  question is about ulex.

How about ssreflect?



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