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Bug#467563: camlp5 strict mode?


I looked at how camlp5 is compiled and I believe to build
transitional _and_ strict camlp5 executables and libraries from
one source package will require quite a bit of work. The reason
is that the names of executables and libraries are hardcoded in
the makefiles and that these names are identical for strict and
transitional mode.

One way to work around this would be that the build target in
rules does:

  configure -strict
  make world.opt
  rename all executables and libraries

  make clean
  configure -transitional
  make world.opt

Everything would of course be much simpler, if one could build
the strict camlp5 binary package from a different source package,
say camlp5-strict, which of course shares the upstream sources
with the source package for transitional camlp5. 



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