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Re: RFC: Does it make sense to build a ocaml-eventfd package?

ygrek <ygrek@autistici.org> writes:

> On Fri, 27 Aug 2010 13:27:29 +0200
> Stéphane Glondu <steph@glondu.net> wrote:
>> This is a very good idea! There was also a discussion about crypt()
>> recently, which is also too trivial to be packaged by itself.
>> Beware that eventfd is Linux-specific. The hypothetic project should
>> somehow cope with non-Linux platforms.
> Ok, here we go : http://extunix.forge.ocamlcore.org/
> Pushed some existing bindings, custom configure, camlp4 extension to
> generate two modules from single source : "full" (functions not available for
> the platform will throw Invalid_argument, as Unix) and "specific" (only includes
> functions found during configure step). 
> Feel free to contribute and criticize. :)

Should we have an ExtUnix.Linux submodule for eventfd and signalfd?

Or use

let eventfd () = throw ENOSYS

on platforms that don't have it?

I could imagine emulating the eventfd with pipes but signalfd might be
impossible to emulate.


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