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Re: Debian package available for OCaml-R.

Guillaume Yziquel wrote:
>> To Maxence: are you planning to make a release soon? Do you think it is
>> appropriate to distribute ocaml-r in Debian in its current state?
> I believe that it's more important to have a package in Debian people
> can tinker with than to have no OCaml/R binding.

IMO, if the bindings are not releasable for upstream then they are far
from to be releasable for Debian. If you really want to push that in
Debian, then you'll have to upload it in experimental.

I think that users willing to test the bindings are smart enough to
download it and compile it.

>From upstream website:

« Le développement d'OCaml-R vient de commencer et est en grand chantier. »


Mehdi Dogguy مهدي الدڤي

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