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Re: OCaml-R packaging, clean target.

Guillaume Yziquel a écrit :

I'm currently trying to package R bindings for OCaml.

Now, concerning the package, I have an issue with the clean target:

OK. This issue is solved. However, I'm trying to use quilt to patch the makefile, and I get:

 fakeroot debian/rules clean
make[1]: entrant dans le répertoire « /home/yziquel/sandbox/repo/debian/debian-ocaml/ocaml-r/ocaml-r-0.1 »
dh --with quilt,ocaml debian/control
dh: --with ocaml not supported or failed to load module Debian::Debhelper::Sequence::ocaml

What am I doing wrong here?

Guillaume Yziquel.

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