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Re: Change ocamlfind name to "camlzip"

On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 9:36 AM, Stéphane Glondu<steph@glondu.net> wrote:
> Hezekiah M. Carty a écrit :
>> This is a request to change the ocamlfind name in the META file for camlzip
>> from "zip" to "camlzip".  This more closely mirrors the upstream library
>> name.  GODI also uses "camlzip" so this will ease development between Debian
>> and GODI based OCaml installations.
> I am not sure which one of Debian or GODI is right, here.
> Upstream installs its files in a "zip" directory by default, hence the
> name of the findlib package. Please note also that the name of a library
> is not always exactly the same as the name of the findlib package.
> From my point of view, if upstream ever distributes a META file (by the
> way, has it ever been submitted?), it is most likely it will be
> installed with the other files, in the "zip" directory, so that the
> findlib package will be "zip".
> Any thoughts on this?

At this point, I would tend to agree with you that "zip" is a better
name for the ocamlfind package.  I am happy with either name though,
as long as it is consistent across installations.

My work-around for this naming disparity has been to install a minimal
zip package using ocamlfind which contains only a META file requiring
camlzip.  This way requiring "zip" works when using Debian, Fedora or
GODI.  I have attached the "Debian-compatibility" META file I use with
GODI if it is of any interest.


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