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Re: Change ocamlfind name to "camlzip"

Hezekiah M. Carty a écrit :
> This is a request to change the ocamlfind name in the META file for camlzip
> from "zip" to "camlzip".  This more closely mirrors the upstream library
> name.  GODI also uses "camlzip" so this will ease development between Debian
> and GODI based OCaml installations.

I am not sure which one of Debian or GODI is right, here.

Upstream installs its files in a "zip" directory by default, hence the
name of the findlib package. Please note also that the name of a library
is not always exactly the same as the name of the findlib package.

From my point of view, if upstream ever distributes a META file (by the
way, has it ever been submitted?), it is most likely it will be
installed with the other files, in the "zip" directory, so that the
findlib package will be "zip".

Any thoughts on this?



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