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Bug#532289: matita fails to build in a non-networking environment.

Mehdi Dogguy spiffera, alle Tuesday 09 June 2009 circa:
> Andrea Gasparini wrote:
> >> Using it, I was able to build matita without network (the
> >> documentation was correctly built, I didn't wait for tests to
> >> finish).
> >
> > Still fail for me, se the attached log.
> > ( please note it's not a Debian pbuilder/chroot, I've not one ATM)
> In your attached build-log, I don't see apt-get installing docbook-xsl!
> Have you added the patch?

Ah, you're right. I thought that could be enough just to put the file 
.dpatch in debian/patches... I miss that debian/control need to be patched 
apart ;)

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