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mldonkey compile on debian 5.0.1

I have install the mldonkey in debian 5.0.1 by apt-get install mldonkey-server, and the version is 2.9.5. and the mlnet file size is about 4Mb.
but if I download the source code from http://packages.debian.org/zh-cn/lenny/mldonkey-server , and compile:
1. why the size is up to 9Mb?
2. how to install same as use apt-get after compile? (include the mldonkey-server script eg. and the mlnet location: /usr/bin)
And if I download the 3.0.0-2 from http://packages.debian.org/zh-cn/sid/mldonkey-server, how to compile (with small size) and install?

  Thanks and Regards!

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