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Re: Bug#498138: check for deprecated OCaml -custom linked executable

Le Thursday 14 May 2009 22:44:24 Stefano Zacchiroli, vous avez écrit :
> > Just to add my 2 cents: If the policy is one package + one lintian
> > version = deterministic checks, then why not adding a flag in the
> > package's control file that specifies which additional set of tests
> > should be run when lintian is checked against it ?
> >
> > That way, it allows both optional tests and reproducibility...
> .... urrrmmm, not really. The point here is also the extra need of
> some language-specific tool which do not appear as lintian
> dependency. So, even if I've a sympathy for your proposal,
> reproducibility will not be ensured unless your field also specify
> which extra package to install to support the required lintian
> "plugin". But at that point it can be argued that we are getting a bit
> overkilling ...

Well, if this set of tests is installed in the build-dep of the package, like 
with dh_ocaml, it will work.

Furthermore, lintian itself could complain/fail/eat a kitten (alive) if it is 
run against a package asking for, says, ocaml-related tests but these are not 


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