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Re: Bug#512658: ITP: coccinelle -- semantic patching tool for C

23 січня 2009 о 08:48 +0100 Stéphane Glondu написав(-ла):
> Eugeniy Meshcheryakov a écrit :
> > pycaml version in coccinelle is modified. Diff can be found in 
> > pycaml/modif-orig.txt (not complete). The most important part,
> > it seems, is:
> > [...]
> > Is it possible to provide those functions in Debian pycaml package
> > (at least experimental)? I can make patch if such API changes are acceptable.
> > Or maybe there is some way to emulate them?
> Have you tried to contact pycaml upstream?
No, not yet. But last upstream release was in 2004, i'm not sure if the
maintainer is still active...

> > Coccinella uses both menhir command with --table parameter, that is not
> > found in current Debian package (but is present in upstream) and menhirlib
> > (not in Debian AFAICS).
> menhir is being updated.

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