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Re: Bug#512658: ITP: coccinelle -- semantic patching tool for C


22 січня 2009 о 17:53 +0100 Stefano Zacchiroli написав(-ла):
> Please get in touch with Debian OCaml maintainers (Cc-ed)
Yeah, doing this now ;) I have some problems with this package.
It contains copies of at least two libraries: pycaml and menhir 
(at least part of it). I want to eliminate them from the package.
But it is not so easy.

pycaml version in coccinelle is modified. Diff can be found in 
pycaml/modif-orig.txt (not complete). The most important part,
it seems, is:

+++ b/pycaml_ml.c       2008-03-27 12:15:23.000000000 +0100
@@ -1385,3 +1430,24 @@

+value pycaml_setargs(value argv) {
+  CAMLparam1(argv);
+  char* cargv[1];
+  cargv[0] = String_val(argv);
+  PySys_SetArgv(1, cargv);
+  CAMLreturn0;
+value pytrue( value unit ) {
+    CAMLparam1(unit);
+    CAMLreturn(pywrap(Py_True));
+value pyfalse(value unit) {
+    CAMLparam1(unit);
+    CAMLreturn(pywrap(Py_False));

Is it possible to provide those functions in Debian pycaml package
(at least experimental)? I can make patch if such API changes are acceptable.
Or maybe there is some way to emulate them?

Coccinella uses both menhir command with --table parameter, that is not
found in current Debian package (but is present in upstream) and menhirlib
(not in Debian AFAICS).

I'd like to have both package at least in experimental. But if this is not
possible I'll probably disable python support (pycaml generates some .so's,
so it is not possible to have arch-all package).

> Also, please read the OCaml policy, et al. :)
Sure, I did this already ;)

Eugeniy Meshcheryakov

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