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Re: git and transition from native to non-native package

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 11:48:31AM -0400, Eric Cooper wrote:
> Yes, as I started learning more about git this occurred to me, too.  I
> was wondering, though, if it would break any assumptions made by our
> current or future git-buildpackage tools. I.e. having the actual
> upstream in the same repo, not just a [pristine-]tarball; or having
> debian/ stuff in its own branch (using "master" would be misleading, I
> think).

AFAICT it should not break anything about that, in particular:

- with git-buildpackage the usage of pristine-tar is optional. However
  you really want to avoid creating different tarballs for the very same
  upstream release (as otherwise the upload will be refused by dak); to
  do so you might want to use anyhow pristine-tar or, IIRC and to be
  tested, just keep around the last tarball as git-buildpackage won't
  create a fresh tarball if one is in the way

- which branches are used for the upstream vs debian part are options
  that can be specified to git-buildpackage, so you might customize them
  as you wish

> Also, does anyone have an opinion on whether should I setup the approx.git
> repo under packages/ or projects/?

Erm, good question, I postulate there is no correct answer, as in this
case we are effectively merging the two aspects of the project. I would
personally go for packages, just because I guess the main usage of
approx would be via its debian package ...

> > I suggest to spawn an instance of Stephane and his migration scripts on
> > the problem :-)
> I wish.  I tried a naïve edit of his svn2git.py script (replacing
> packages by projects, etc.), but the history of the svn repo layout
> made it very confused. 

I'll leave this part to Stephane ...


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