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Re: Broken builds on backports.org

Le Friday 11 April 2008 00:05:48 Julien Cristau, vous avez écrit :

> Probably the same problem you could have with experimental: the buildd

> doesn't pull packages from bpo unless it has to.  So in some cases (in

> this case ocaml and ocaml-base) sbuild notices that the default versions

> are not sufficient and that it needs the ones from bpo, but in some

> others it doesn't (ocaml-nox and ocaml-base-nox here).  Adding explicit

> build-deps on ocaml-nox (>= 3.10.1), ocaml-base-nox (>= 3.10.1) would

> probably work around that.  Or fix sbuild to deal with virtual packages

> better, but...

> (meh. why are people unable to read build logs?)

Well, it's not easy to understand the recursive logs, and the sides conditions are not explicit to me..

Anyway, thanks for the explaination, now come the time to find a fix..

Should we change deps for ocaml in backports.org ? To me, it seems that:

>Depends: ocaml-base (= 3.10.1-1~bpo40+1), ocaml-base-3.10.1, ocaml-nox-3.10.1

Could be replaced by:

>Depends: ocaml-base (= 3.10.1-1~bpo40+1), ocaml-nox (= 3.10.1-1~bpo40+1)

It seems reasonable since these two packages are built along with ocaml..

But so, why isn't it already the default ? Begin new to ocaml packaging, there can be something I didn't get so far.. Are there a lot of packages that build-dep or depends on ocaml-base-3.10.1 or ocaml-nox-3.10.1 ??



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