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support for Debian/<not Linux> platforms?

Do we have a policy for supporting OCaml packages on Debian systems
with non-Linux kernels?  The reason I ask is that I recently added a
Linux-specific C stub to the syslog package (support for the send(2)
call with MSG_NOSIGNAL option), since it's much more efficient than a
POSIX-portable equivalent (which involves installing and removing a
signal-handler around each write(2) call).  So it will FTBFS on
Debian/FreeBSD, Debian/Hurd, Debian/Solaris, ... but do we care?

If so, the right thing would be to use some conditional logic in the build,
depending on OS platform.  Is that complexity needed?  Should it be in cdbs?
What about the fact that in this case, the libsyslog-ocaml package is
only needed because of the C stub; on non-Linux platforms the package
wouldn't need to exist.  Can that be specified somehow in the debian/control
file, or would there be an empty package on those platforms?


Eric Cooper             e c c @ c m u . e d u

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