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Re: new web page: overview of OCaml related packages / transitions

On Thu, Jul 12, 2007 at 12:04:08PM +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Hi all,
>   yesterday I got impressed by the "Status of GNOME packages in Debian"
> page that the GNOME maintainers are using for their transition.  So I
> wanted to have something like that for OCaml and this night I've created
> it :)
> The current result can be seen here:
>   http://sockmel.bononia.it/~zack/ocaml-debian-status/debian-ocaml-status.html
> Unfortunately it can be moved to alioth directly since the cron job
> generating it requires some dependencies which are not available on
> alioth, I hope this can be fixed soon.
> In the meantime I've added a link to it from our homepage on alioth
> (http://pkg-ocaml-maint.alioth.debian.org/) and the code which generates
> the page is available in our repository (tools/ocaml-debian-status/).
> Note that ATM testing is not taken into account because Packages of
> testing are currently broken (i.e. non-822 compliant) in our archive,
> and this breaks the 822 parser I'm using.
> As you can see from the table we have quite a bit of work to do for
> OCaml 3.10.0 ... go for it! :-P

Nice work Stefano, ...

Just a little question for the color scheme. The different green shades
are a bit difficult to distinguish. I guess you can note the difference
between the experimental and the unstable ones, but from a first sight
they all look almost uniformously green, and even after a second look,
they kind of make your mind wonder if they are uniform or not, which is
auite head-ache inducing (but granted, i had less than 4 hours sleep
this night :).


Sven Luther

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