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Bug#397332: hevea: Hevea 1.09 dropped \remakesection command, causing FTBFS problems

> > Version: 1.09-1
> > Severity: serious
> > Tags: upstream
> > 
> > hevea 1.08 contained the command \remakesection, defined in
> > latexcommon.hva.  This is still documented on the hevea website, so it's
> > probably intended to stay.  However, version 1.09 does no longer define
> > that macro.  This causes documents that use this macro to fail.
> Hello, sorry for not replying earlier, and thanks to Julien and Luc 
> for their rapid action on this.
> I don't think that this is a bug of hevea, for the simple reason that
> for me the command \remakesection seems to be an undocumented
> feature. The only mention of this command I could find is on
> http://devel.inria.fr/doc/faqs/faq_hevea.html

I am sorry about that, I am not the author of this faq
and wasn't even aware of it. I'd try to suppress this silly advice.

For the record, I have simply suppressed the call to \remakesection.
The intention was to have H1 elements for chapters (in place of
the default H2). I see no reason for doing that.

 I am impressed by the professiobalism of debian mainteners
and packagers.


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