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Re: RFU: camlrpc 0.4.5


Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> Samuel, I've updated the Debian package for camlrpc:
>  - update to new upstream version 0.4.5
>  - update watch version to 3
>  - add linda override file to ignore the warning concerning the fact
>    that ocamlrpcgen is not stripped (for some reason, ocamlrpcgen
>    doesn't work when being stripped)

This is because ocamlrpcgen is compiled with ocamlc -custom. It
generates an ELF binary which contains the interpreter, and the bytecode
in a section which is removed when the program is stripped... See
#256900. You override is thus justified here.

> Could you check that everything is ok and upload it ?

Uploaded! As I explained before, I think that you could remove the
control.in (and the corresponding target in rules).

> BTW, I've been informed of this 0.4.5 release of camlrpc by looking at
> http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=thomas.petazzoni@enix.org
> (watch unstable column). Is there any way to be informed by e-mail of
> the release of an upstream version detected by the watch mechanism ?

I don't know if this is currently possible, but it would certainly be a
nice feature.



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