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Bug#381467: bibtex2html: please provide alternative dependency on texlive packages

On Fre, 04 Aug 2006, Sven Luther wrote:
> Is texlive a full replacement of tetex ? If so, would having texlive provide a
> Provide: tetex-base or whatever not have been the way to go an the easiest
> solution, instead of bothering a huge amount of maintainer with the change ? 

Unfortunately not, as - AFAIR - providing an actual package does not
work in the presence of the real package. That works in case of virtual
packages and in the absence of a real package.

Furthermore, still tetex is the option of choice, the texlive packaging
for Debian is too young to be completey ready.

> And you can easily say that the latex-base package will have to provide the
> subset of packages defined in the latex policy, and everyone should be happy.

But who will define this subset? There is no subset which makes all
content, not even all of the TeX Debian maintainers (some are
mathematicians, physicians, chemistry, linguist, or nothing at all).
This is the problem, there is *no* defined subset of minimal packages.
TeX live has started to categorize this into packages (as mirrored by
the texlive packages), but this changes permanently, and is open to

We know that it would be easier to have a simple virtual packages, but
it doesn't work. Eg. the package ipe needs special fonts from
tetex-extra. And it depends in which texlive package these fonts are.
Other Debian packages need the listings.sty (lyx AFAIR), etc etc. It all
depends on the intended target audience of the package, which sty files
it considers as "basic".

I think that the burden to the developers to change the depends line is
not soo big. Especially since I already suggested an extension.

Best wishes


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