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Bug#381467: bibtex2html: please provide alternative dependency on texlive packages

Hi Stefano!

On Fre, 04 Aug 2006, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> I don't think "polluting" all packages that need tetex-whatever with
> alternative dependencies on texlive-whatever is a good idea. It would be
> much better to make both tetex-whatever and texlive-whatever Provides a
> virtual package like latex-whatever and then ask all interested packages
> to use a dependencies on the virtual package.
> This way we would at least have to do the work once, what if tomorrow we
> will add in debian another latex implementation? Should we go through
> all the involved packages again?

Not completely wrong, but unrealistic. You might reconsider your
decision in the light of the following points:
- tetex is not actively maintained any more (upstream, not debian)
- texlive is actively maintained and has regular release cycles every
- for sure not etch, but etch+1 will (?) have texlive as default tex
- there is no other TeX implementation around one would want to package
  for Debian.

We, the TeX for Debian maintainers (that is all those working on teTeX,
TeX live and related packages), have catered for this, and currently the
two systems coexist, and in fact cooperate to a certain level (you can
use texlive packages with tetex).

But rest assured, the X minutes you would invest in adding the
additional dependency will not have to be done again and again
(considering that the initial packaging texlive was a task of 1 year, I
assume not many will come forth and package a currently non-existent TeX

Anyway, it is a wishlist bug. You can ignore it, or raise it yourself to
debian-devel. But one think is sure: the introduction of a virtual
package *WILL NOT WORK*, because what should the virtual package
provide: a basic latex system only with the required components of a
latex system (that are not a lot)? Or a specific subset of packages?
This doesn't work, you, the one depending on tex implementations, have
to say *what* you need, and choose the respective packages.

Ciao ciao e forse ci vediamo a Bologna, non è lontano da Siena!


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