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Re: Felix package

On Wed, Jun 15, 2005 at 05:28:34AM +1000, John Skaller wrote:
> I am seeking some input on the state of the following package:
> Package Name: felix
> Version: 1.1.0
> Upstream author: John Skaller <skaller@users.sf.net>
> Licence: BSD
> Description: high performance programming language translator and tools
> Source and amd64 binaries can be found at:
> http://felix.sf.net/debian
> There are certainly some known problems so I'm not yet seeking
> a sponsor: one is the Build-depends and Depends.
> Additional info for anyone checking: 
> (1) lintian complains about installing a shared library 
> in a non-dev package. This is deliberate.
> (2) On amd64, you must use the very latest bleeding edge
> debian ocaml package: probably 3.08.3-4 (not sure if it is up yet)

We have backported (well julien did) the fix in svn, and only an upload is
needed. I will do so in two weeks once i come back to my gpg key if nobody
does this before.


Sven Luther

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