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Felix package

I am seeking some input on the state of the following package:

Package Name: felix
Version: 1.1.0
Upstream author: John Skaller <skaller@users.sf.net>
Licence: BSD
Description: high performance programming language translator and tools

Source and amd64 binaries can be found at:


There are certainly some known problems so I'm not yet seeking
a sponsor: one is the Build-depends and Depends.

Additional info for anyone checking: 

(1) lintian complains about installing a shared library 
in a non-dev package. This is deliberate.

(2) On amd64, you must use the very latest bleeding edge
debian ocaml package: probably 3.08.3-4 (not sure if it is up yet)

or, run

./configure --set-int-NATIVE_CODE_COMPILER=0 --prefix=debian/felix/usr

before building the binary (there is a bug in ocaml 3.08 
native code compiler amd64 backend which is fixed in the latest
debian upload, if you can't get it you have to force the
use of the bytecode compiler).

(3) The configuration is idempotent: you can only set config
options once (workaround: rm -rf config). It isn't removed
by any clean targets. 

(4) It is slightly tricky for me to test, because I'm
running Ubuntu, and the usual debian bootstrap doesn't
support Amd64 (that stuff is on Alioth isn't it? anyhow
I have to use my ISP's mirror due to bandwidth restrictions,
and they're not mirroring Alioth)

John Skaller, skaller at users.sf.net
PO Box 401 Glebe, NSW 2037, Australia Ph:61-2-96600850 
Download Felix here: http://felix.sf.net

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