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Re: removal of libpgsql-ocaml-dev

On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 07:24:45AM +0200, Alain Frisch wrote:
> Indeed, Markus has taken over the development (and I'm happy with that).
> However, some people are still using my branch (e.g.
> http://sandbox.merjis.com/dependencies). Also, Gerd created a GODI
> package for it in addition to Markus' version; I guess he had some
> demand for it since the package includes the comment "Well, there is
> still software needing it...". So, removing the package from Debian
> might break actual code.  (A good strategy could be to ask Markus' to

Unfortunately we have no precise way of knowing how many people still
use it. In Debian our figures are how many packages depend on it (just
ocamldbi) and the popularity contest (which at the moment reports 24
installations of your bindings, exactly the same number of installations
for markus' ones; considering that ocamldbi has 17 installations only 7
installations of it are not a big figure).

The only other way to know if some debian user would have its code
broken is asking here.

Regarding merjis, Richard Jones is subscribe to this list AFAIK ...


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