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Re: removal of libpgsql-ocaml-dev

Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Now that Sarge is out I would like to drop support for
> libpgsql-ocaml-dev package. A bit of history: that package ships the
> postgres binding developed by Alain Frisch (Cc-ed), while
> libpostgresql-ocaml-dev ships binding developed my Markus Mottl. Even if
> the former package is still supported upstream by Alain, he suggests to
> use the latter for newer developments.

Indeed, Markus has taken over the development (and I'm happy with that).
However, some people are still using my branch (e.g.
http://sandbox.merjis.com/dependencies). Also, Gerd created a GODI
package for it in addition to Markus' version; I guess he had some
demand for it since the package includes the comment "Well, there is
still software needing it...". So, removing the package from Debian
might break actual code.  (A good strategy could be to ask Markus' to
add support for the old interface.)

Just my 2 cents,


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