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Re: Ant license

On Mon, Jan 17, 2005 at 03:17:47PM +0100, Achim Blumensath wrote:
> Hello,


> > We were packaging Ant 0.6 for Debian with Samuel Mimram
> That's great. I think the main problem ant has at the moment is that it
> is difficult to install.

Yes, it was a bit tricky.

I tried to give it (again) a shot (I see you've added a full-blown language
in it since last time) ; but I found the documentation a bit sparse.  How
can I activate french hyphenation patterns ?

> > and we noticed that there was no license or copyright information.
> ant is public domain.

Nice.  However we need you to put a notice with your name, stating that ant
is released in the public domain somewhere in the archive.
A file named "COPYRIGHT" should be fine.  (I'm not very knowledgeable about
copyrights, but the absence of a copyright notice does not make it public
domain, at least in France).

> > Also we have a naming conflict problem with Apache Ant. Would you mind
> > if we rename ant to something else? We thought about aint, but it can
> > be ant-ocaml or something like that.
> You can call the package ant-is-not-TeX if you like. The binary might be
> renamed to antc.

Sounds OK.

> Note that version 0.6 has an embarassing bug about colours in math mode.
> You might want to integrate the corresponding patch from the developer
> version (the changes to Typesetting/MathLayout.ml).
> PS: Note that my e-mail address has changed.

Should we use blumensath@mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de or the address at LABRI ?

Have a nice day.
Berke Durak

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