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RFS ocamlgraph, cameleon, ocamldap && camlidl


Well i have prepared my next round of RFS.

- cameleon : seems to build && install, if you have access to a
  pbuilder, please try to build it ( here i have a missing dependency on
  libgdk-pixbuf2, due to libtiff3g ). I disable the generation of
  manual.ps, since it needs further inspection by Maxence Guesdon (
  upstream )

- ocamlgraph : new upstream release + migration to ocaml 3.08. Needs
  furhter inspection, since there is an unsatisfable build depends on

- ocamldap : new upstream release + migration to ocaml 3.08.

- camlidl : new upstream release -> internals of the library have migrate 
  to ocaml 3.08

Next to come : 

- mldonkey : upstream doesn't mention a migration to ocaml 3.08, so
  there should have been problem

- unison : packages doesn't respect debian-ocaml-maint standards, source
  are old and unmaintain, this will probably require a lot of work (
  in fact dev has switch to the devel branches )

I thanks in advance anyone who is willing to sponsor my upload.

Kind regard
Sylvain Le Gall

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