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Re: Test-DFS for PowerPC

On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 01:07:01AM +0200, Robert Jordens wrote:
> Hello!
> [Tue, 08 Jun 2004] Sven Luther wrote:
> > > should work, right? How is /usr/lib/kernel-image-version generated?
> > 
> > It is contained in the kernel-image, together with the modules and the
> > kernel, so you just get them at the same time. Eventually, you unpack
> > the kernel-imahe somewhere, and use it to get the kernel, to get the
> > modules while building the initrd, and to run mkvmlinuz on it.
> Hmm. So This should be implemented just as another "bootloader"...

Well, the difference is that a bootloader usually is linked to the
hardware, puts itself into some disk bootsector or something such, while
here we just prepare the kernel to be able to boot on said architecture.
But true, the part of the linux kernel linked with the kernel is some
kind of smallish bootloader, knowing how to decompress the kernel, setup
the initrd, and jump into the kernel start address.

> > No, the dfsbuild packages modified to build the powerpc version, (the
> > source package of the -rj* versions) ?
> The Source is under Arch:
> <http://people.debian.org/~jordens/tla/debian/2004/>
> dfsbuild--jordens--0.5
> If you want packages, I'll do them but I'd rather prefer John to do the
> releases.

Ok, i forgot about that. a quick arch for newbye command line or
something would be very welcome though.

> > > So you'd say it's a problem with mkisofs options?
> > 
> > Maybe, not sure. I am just saying that Apple is damn stupid to do frnech
> > ibook keyboard without tilda, pipe or backslash (and i am probably
> > missing a few others). 
> We are all punished. The standard keymap (console and X) for my
> Swiss-German Keyboard does not even have them mapped.

Bah, i will probably take a pen and paint them somewhere or something.
Let's just hope someone else does powerpc notebooks nextly with some
sensible keyboards and true three button mouse :)

> > It may still be a mkisofs problem, but i don't
> > see how you could deduct that from the above three lines :)
> Has someone generated booting powerpc isos with sarge's mkisofs? I guess
> the ones on gluck are generated with glucks mkisofs (which is from
> woody). Hmm. Will try that.

Sure, i do so all the time, when building debian-installer. I would
download debian-installer, and look at how they do it.

Actually even better, i will paste it here :

        mkisofs -r -T --netatalk -hfs -probe -map boot/powerpc/hfs.map
	-part -no-desktop -hfs-bless $(TEMP_CD_TREE)/install -hfs-volid
	Debian-Installer/PPC -o $(TEMP_MINIISO) $(TEMP_CD_TREE)


Sven Luther

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